Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What's Up Wednesday- Whats going on in our lives edition

Oh hey friends! Its only been about FIVE months?! 

I thought I would do a little Whats Up Wednesday to get back into the swing of things. I really love blogging and knowing that I will forever have this little place to look back on and see what was going on in our lives :)

We are in a really busy season of life right now. Read: my kids make it their mission to annoy each other on the daily, I am almost 3 weeks post-op for R knee surgery. We are trying to get things wrapped up and finalized for Dominick next year for school. He will turn 5 two DAYS before the December 1st cut off and will technically be kinder-aged. He has a lot going on right now and will be doing 5 day pre-k in the fall, but that's a post or another day :) Aidan is full on terrible twos when he is tired or his brother is pestering him LOL he's such a sweet boy but man oh man, when he is out! My sweet husband is now deputy chief of his fire department on top of working full time & being a husband and daddy. I am gearing up to return to my full time job on Monday, I am running my own business on the side, mommy-ing, wife-ing & everything in between. Things are just BUSY but we are so so so blessed and I am making a point to remind myself of this daily <3 

What we are eating this week 

The weather is finally getting warmer in NY! think upper 50s so we have been doing as much grilling as possible! :)
The rest of the week looks like this:
Wednesday - pork steak, asparagus, mashed taters 
Thursday = hoping to have friends over for dinner! we have missed them! BBQ chicken on the grill, rice, corn & biscuits 
Friday- pizza
Saturday- steak on the grill, rice with vegetables
Sunday- MOTHERS DAY! hoping brunch during the day & then a dinner I don't have to cook LOL 

What I am reminiscing about 

My babies are getting SO BIG! and time hop keeps reminding me (March 2015)

What I am loving

Self growth! I did a post the other day on Facebook about filling your cup first "Are you filling up your cup first? In my 4+ years of parenting I have learned some things along the way. This may be one of the most impactful. You know how when you fly they tell you to put your air mask on before helping others? That's because your no help to everyone else if you can't breathe. I think this applies to being a mom & a wife too! Whether you take 10 minutes each day to drink a cup of coffee in peace or catch up on a good book, drink a glass of wine on the back deck when the kids go to bed. Taking time for YOU is so so important. If you can't breathe your no good to anyone else! I used to find myself constantly adding to my to do list on things that needed to be done & never having enough time to get them done. I would snap at my sweet husband or my adorable boys because I was overwhelmed. It wasn't fair. So I started slowing on down & doing what I can do and nothing more! I'm enjoying a few minutes to myself everyday & ya know what? Life is pretty darn good"

What we have been up to 

What I am dreading

nothing really :) I have had some things weighing on my as of late but those are almost all resolved!

What I am working on 

Building my business, my team & earning my spot on a FREE all inclusive cruise in November?! Yep, you heard that right! things are busy over here but in such a good way! :) 

What I am excited about

The warm weather is coming! Spring has almost sprung and I am so so excited! I am ready to get back to afternoons outside in the warmth! Windows open & fresh air in! I am almost cleared to get back into soaking my knee so we will be getting back into our normal rhythm at the Y soon and the boys and I are SOOO excited! :) 

What I'm watching 

These three shows have been a constant on my DVR lately and I'm loving them 

What I am reading 

I <3 Karen Alpert and her books make me LOL about motherhood, because its real, raw & hysterical! Her first book "I heart my little a-holes" is fantastic as well! 

What I am listening to

This song gets played a lot around these parts ;) it makes me tear up every time but I LOVE it & find it so powerful! <3

What I am wearing

LAYERS! right now its chilly in the morning & warmer in the afternoon :) and PS I am finally getting to wear jeans comfortably in the KNEE area again! Its the small things! ;)

What I'm doing this weekend 

Hopefully getting out to enjoy the 70 degree weather Saturday with some friends, a few chores around the house, and then celebrating mothers day Sunday! :)

What I am looking forward to this month

Getting back into the normal routine with getting back to my normal job, building my business, more time with my babies, a work trip to VT, you get the idea :)

What else is new 

Not a whole lot, just busy in the day to day :)

What I'd like to get for Mother's day

brunch with my family, a nap maybe & dinner I don't have to cook LOL

Happy Wednesday Friends! I WILL be back tomorrow :)