Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Weekend recap - in pictures edition

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

It was SO hot here! Like 90+ days with 70+ humidity! GROSS.

I for one am so ready for FALL!!! :)

Dominick has been very into dressing himself and being independent lately! I am loving it ;) and YES, regardless of temperature he LOVES that hat! 

We were up early and out the door Saturday morning to get some sillies out. It was so hot this weekend but the boys had energy to burn! We headed to the play ground at like 830am to get some play time in! :) 

Saturday night we celebrated Croix Jacob and his 1st birthday! It was fire department themed and SO CUTE! 

We wrapped up Saturday evening with baths, Frozen & some popcorn! 

We had the WHOLE playground to ourselves and the boys loved it! 

Guys it was HOT, this is like straight from the hose & water and the boys loved it! 

This is the only picture I managed to snap on Sunday before church! 

I would like to document that we got serious potty training with Aidan on Wednesday night and by Saturday he was in undies and when he went to daycare Monday he had only had one accident and that was Thursday night! 

He's doing great and even gets up at night to go potty! My baby is officially a big boy & ready for the 3yr old class at pre-school! 

I'll be back tomorrow friends! 
See you then! 
XO Jessica 

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