Monday, November 10, 2014

* Aidan's 1st Birthday Party! *

Sunday, We held Aidan's 1st Birthday Party!
Of course I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted or some that I had planned on but we did have a lot of fun and got to visit with family & friends so close they are family.
 A good Sunday in my book!
So, lets get started! I went with a Sesame Street theme for this party! I had looked up all sorts of ideas on pintrest and was VERY excited to get started.
I ordered these super cute lunch bags on Amazon and used those for our goodie bags.
I bought napkins & silverware at the dollar store, definitely didn't know they sold this stuff in all sorts of colors before! Such an awesome find! (Thanks Gina!) 
One of my sisters (Thanks Shannon!) Helped me wrap and sticker the silverware.

I made half a dozen yellow (dyed red) and half a dozen chocolate cupcakes for our guests. Egg free of course.
I made Aidan's smash cake by hand with the support of my handsome hubby. This took quite some time but I am really proud of how it turned out.
I bought this really cool scene off of amazon that I had planned to use for pictures so it looked like all the kids were on sesame street and I NEVER got a single picture! Bummer.
I had a little last minute hiccups with party city and the balloons, but an hour and a half later we were in business!
I am over all really proud of how it all turned out and have learned something from all 3 of the kid's birthday parties I have thrown. I cant wait to see how they get better every year!
And here's the photo's I did manage to get from the party..


Since this blog is all about keeping it real, I had to be sure to document our overtired cake meltdown. Because what's a first birthday without a meltdown?!
Dominick's 3rd Birthday planning is under way (seriously how did he get to be 3?!) and will be up on the blog soon. Stay tuned for a Mickey Mouse party!

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