Friday, November 28, 2014

[ Thanksgiving && Black Friday ]

Happy Friday friends!
Hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving with your families! I sure did!
Hard to believe that it has come and gone already, the end of the year is quickly approaching!
We had a low key morning & watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Dominick LOVED it this year!
Later on in the day we headed over to my families house for dinner. It was great, wish Stephanie could have been there but she actually called on her lunch break during dinner so it was the next best thing.
This time last year was a pretty scary time for my family. My Nana had another heart attack and was not home for Thanksgiving. First the time in my entire life I didn't celebrate the holiday with her. She had a triple bypass and due to some complications post-op remained in the cardiac ICU until January. Aidan was still a new baby so I hadn't been able to get to the hospital to see her as often as I wanted to either. So glad that a year later she is in much better health and was able to be there with us this Thanksgiving. Something I will forever be thankful for.
After dinner we watched a movie, took naps & played a little yahtzee. Then it was time for pie, turkey sandwiches and more chicken soup!
Before I knew it the day was done & we were popping the little's in bed for the night. My sisters had agreed to come over & hang out while the boys slept so Gio and I could get some "Black Friday" shopping done.
3 store & 2 hours later...we were done!!
Santa did good this year! There was only one thing on the list we didn't get because they were out. I can gladly say with the exception of stocking stuffers Dominick is done and Aidan is half way there. The older they get the more fun it is to pick toys!
Today we took the boys to get our first REAL Christmas tree! (since they have been alive anyways) It was a chilly 23 degrees and breezy so we made it quick but we got the perfect tree!
I couldn't help but laugh when we got there because there was this little cozy coupe with a baby tree waiting outside the barn. Dominick thought it was all for him as he told us the WHOLE way there he was getting a baby tree!

The tree is lit and once the branches continue to drop tonight it will be all set for the boys to decorate tomorrow! Dominick was so happy to help daddy pick the tree, trim it & put the lights up. He really is turning into such a little man! :)
Now its off to finish prepping for Dominick's 3rd birthday tomorrow!! SERIOUSLY HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??!!!
Until next time friends!
xo Jessica 

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