Monday, November 17, 2014

.our weekend in review.

Happy Monday Friends!
Our weekend like always was pretty eventful & did not go as planned ;)
But lets get to it, shall we?

I had EVERY intention on going to the grocery store by myself on Saturday morning, because well frankly with a 1 year old & ALMOST 3 year old (how did this happen?!) its SO MUCH EASIER. But when this cute little face said "mommy can we go on a date?" I melted. And he went grocery shopping! Mommy is such a sucker! :)
That's right folks, my BABY is walking.
We were supposed to go to the casino & spend the night for our anniversary. Yes, our anniversary was 09/18 but we rescheduled for 11/15 because Aidan was sick....And then at about 3pm on Saturday Dominick threw up. He was laying in my bed saying he didn't feel well and had cold like symptoms. It was very strange. So, I didn't want to risk it. And we called once again to reschedule until January...wish us luck!!
So, this guy & I took advantage of having a babysitter and went to dinner local.

Sitting having some drinks & an uninterrupted meal with this handsome man makes my heart so happy! It doesn't happen often but I love when it does. He truly is my best friend and I cherish the time I get one on one with him.
Sunday, consisted of a lot of this. We meant to go to church but I really wasn't read to risk Dominick getting sick there.. so we had a family day at home :)

THEN at about mid afternoon Aidan spiked a fever out of no where. I thought maybe it was because he had just had his MMR shot last week and they warned me of a possible fever 7-10 days later...but this was a 102 degree fever :(
It lasted through the night so Daddy stayed home with Aidan today. After a trip to the pediatrician this morning it was confirmed he has an ear infection & an acute respiratory infection. He was given some antibiotics and hopefully we are on the mend!
Our weekend wasn't planned to go this way, but I am learning such is life with kiddos. I wouldn't have changed any bit of it given the chance...we had a great amount of family time and despite the sickness, lots of cuddles <3

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