Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday Friends!
Today I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for Friday Favorites!
1. Hockey!

We signed Dominick up for Hockey this year & it has been such an experience for all of us. He really is starting to enjoy it!

2. Brotherly bonds

As the boys are getting older their bond is getting so strong. I am so blessed to watch them grow & play together!
3. Eos chap stick
This sweet mint is the one I have & with the cold New York weather arriving its a must!

4. Fuzzy Socks!

I bought these socks from Old Navy recently & its seriously the best $5 I've spent! Nothing worse than cold piggies :)
5. Electric blankets
This isn't the pattern I have (mine is plain grey) but I really LOVE this print! Giovanni bought me an electric blanket last year after 7 years of begging! I love love love it! See a trend here? Momma hates to be COLD.
Enjoy your weekend friends & stay warm! :) 

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