Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rainy Monday

Yesterday I had a bonus day off with my babies. Daddy was gone so it was just me and my little's in the morning. We were up pretty early (6am) but Aidan slept the whole night without climbing out of his bed and walking around :)
We got cleaned up & ready for the day and then we were off to pick up Aunt Shannon to spend the day with us :)
We headed to one of the smaller mall's in our area, they have a little indoor "tree house" for the kids to run some energy out. Perfect for a rainy day! We went at the suggestion of one of our friends (thanks Jill!) and the boys LOVED it!

After our morning of play we headed to grab some lunch and then it was home for naps :) Aidan napped awesome in his big boy bed and Dominick had some quiet time with his leap pad.
After nap we went to the library, I was a little iffy on this one as I had never taken my boys and they are NOT quiet. But they had so much fun! They have a children's area downstairs and they have a little computer for playing, a train table, some stuffed animals, little felt houses and LOTS of kids books :) It really was such a child friendly space and the boys loved it! Not to mention its 2 seconds from our house :)
After we got our rentals from the library we stopped and grab some treats for afternoon snack :)

All in all it was a great day- despite the rain! I LOVE spending time with my boys. They are in such a CHALLANGING stage of life but such a FUN one too! They are learning & growing in front of our eyes and I feel so blessed to be their mommy!
Tonight its supposed to rain AGAIN so we will be having a picnic in the living room & watching the movie we picked up from the library. Dominick seemed pretty excited about it so I hope they enjoy it!
Totally random but my mom sent me two pictures of me when I was little and I can't believe how much Aidan looks like me. More so in person but definitely can see it in the eyes in these pictures! :)

Until Next time friends!
XO, Jessica


Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap: It rained edition

Happy Monday Friends!
We had a great weekend with friends that once again went by way to fast!
On Saturday Morning we met my parents for breakfast :)

My cuties in the car :)

I asked Dominick to make sure that he had all the toys picked up so the dogs didn't find any...can you spot Dominick?!

We headed to the mall for a trip to build a bear! :) The boys were not so sure about the mall parking garage elevator though...

Dominick made an Olaf, no surprise there!

Aidan made a teddy and watching him pick his bear was so sweet, he picked each one up and rubbed it against his cheek, he picked one and its so so so soft! :)

Our parenting hearts almost burst with this sweetness! They are slowly but surely becoming the best of friends! <3

After the mall we had a late lunch with Nonni (Giovanni's mom)

Aidan's new teddy joined us at lunch!

This guy was pumped up for popcorn while waiting for lunch!

Dominick stole my garlic toast and used it as a parking space for his cars! LOL

We had some afternoon time out's...3 1/2 ain't easy ya'll!

I made a new discipline chart for the boys, Dominick does better with a visual :)

We had some afternoon play with the trains...


We made a quick trip to target...

A has decided he needs to climb EVERYTHING, including his crib. He almost split his eyebrow open :(

We had some rice & watched Kung Foo Panda before bed :)

Sunday Morning was more of the same :)

Daddy played with the boys before getting ready to leave to leave...

While I was getting ready I noticed that the boys were SO QUIET which as a mom to toddler boys scares me LOL and then I saw this. They were lying in bed reading to each other <3

 We went to breakfast with my mom's family and my grandpa who was visiting from FL. After breakfast we had to stop at Target again because I forgot dog food yesterday, oops!
I just couldn't resist the cupcake frap, definitely a new favorite :)

Aidan took a nap & Dominick lounged while watching paw patrol and I caught up on some reading :)

The boys enjoyed a late lunch :)

We had some cuddles :)


I may have cried after the crib was taken apart. For the first time in almost 4 years there is no crib in the P house. We no longer have "babies"

After dinner at my parents house, the boys came home and played in the tub before getting ready for bed. Aidan went down to sleep with no problem what so ever and while I am so so so proud of him, it made me a little sad! :(
Phew- we really had a busy weekend! Today I am off with my sweet boys because daycare is closed and I am going to make sure we enjoy our extra day :) Its supposed to rain which isn't news around here...but I'm sure we will find some fun!
Until next time friends,
XO Jessica

Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday Friends!
It has been such a long week around here for some reason, I think all the rain & tornado warnings we have been getting have been making for some LONG days!
But the weekend forecast is high 70s/low 80s & SUN! I can't wait!
This guy had his 18month check up recently & I cant get over how big he is!

We went on a trip to the zoo last weekend with friends & it was the perfect day! :)

I got brave last weekend and cut the boys hair myself! It was so needed and I think it came out great!

A hates having his hair cut so there was no making him happy about it!

We took Dominick to the sky chiefs came last week & sat in the new peanut free section :) We had a BLAST!

We did our weekly dinner with friends, this is always a favorite. We had done dinner almost EVERY week for over 5 years with our friends Bryan & Nicole. They are definitely forever friends. We live down the street from each other, been through weddings, babies & Vacations together! We are so lucky to have them and even happier our boys get to grow together! :)

I purchased my simplified planner in December & I absolutely LOVE it. On top of the day-to-day section it lets me plan out my month too. I am trying to get better about blogging daily & this is helping!
I am hoping to take the boys to lunch & The Wild animal park tomorrow morning with friends! They had a new baby zebra born yesterday& we can't wait to see!
Until next time friends!
XO, Jessica