Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's up Wednesday...on a Thurday!

Happy Thursday Friends!

I meant to post this yesterday, so I am just gonna post it a day late :)

I am trying to be better about remembering to post on the regular!

- What we are eating - 

We have been taking advantage of grilling around here! We love love love grilled chicken and made chicken speedies for dinner the other night! SUCH a NY thing. 

- What I'm Reminiscing about -

Timehop really has be me looking back at years past more than ever now. I really have a love hate relationship with it! It makes me see how much my babies have changed and grown. Bittersweet FOR sure!

- What I'm loving - 

Dominick has been really growing lately and not just in size LOL he told his daddy yesterday he didnt need his lovie when he got to daycare and left it in the car. Anyone who knows my sweet boy knows that's big for him! He's so very smart and never ceases to amaze me. School will be such a great thing for him. I'm loving watching him learn and grow even if it makes my momma heart a little sad. 

- What we've been up to -

Enjoying the start of summer! Trying to get out and spend as much time in the sun as possible, eventually it will get too hot to be outside all the time so we are soaking up as much as we can in between all the rain storms going on lately. 

- What I am dreading -

Dominick starting Pre-K, yes yes yes I know I just said it would be great for him and he will grow so much from school...but momma is sad. My babies are growing on up and there's no slowing it down. #babiesdontkeep

- What I am watching - 

The bachelorette, this season is CRAZY ya'll. its like a train wreck and I just cant look away! Big brother starts soon and I CANNOT wait. Its on of my very favorite shows!

- What I am listening to -

When I am at work I listen to Y94fm which Samantha (Hi Sam!) has informed me is borderline oldies because they play 80s- now. I feel they play a lot of "feel good music" and I just like it. In the car we have been listening to Sesame Street Live on REPEAT. gotta love those little boys and their love for elmo!

- What I am wearing -

Lots of lightweight cottons right now. Pretty soon I am gonna break out all my summer dresses. I love this time of year! 

- What I'm doing this weekend -

This weekend we have a 1st birthday party & I am going to a bridal shower. lots of fun with friends and family on the agenda! :)

- What I am looking forward to next month -

I have a 5 day weekend next month with my littles and I cannot wait. Usually this weekend every year I pick up my youngest sister (HI Shannon) and she spends those days with us. We do lots of day trips with the boys. This will be the 3rd year and I like this little tradition we do with her. She's going into her junior year of high school in the fall so I know that these summers with her like this will  be limited. 

Until next time friends, 
XO Jessica 

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