Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#Boymom Box Swap!

In true Jessica fashion, this post is a day late #imtheworst!
Awhile back Elizabeth (she's awesome & I guest posted for her before, check her out- you wont regret it!) over at Chasin' Mason posted about the #boymom box swap and I signed us right on up!
Well fast forward and things got chaotic, shocked? I'm not. There's ALWAYS something going on over here, its crazy!
Well one day, when I totally forgot about it this box showed up from themommabomb & it just happened to be on a day when we all could use a smile!
Her family was so generous & I felt like this box was something one of my best friends would put together! It was great! The boys were SO thrilled!
Here's the goodies we got:

This has to be one of Dominick's favorite things right now!

Aidan was in love with everything in here!

This little pouch made me laugh in such a good way! It honestly made me feel like themommabomb and I were long lost friends. For starters it has chapstick, my love for chapstick is REAL ya'll. Then it had a nail file and when my kids are being kids and I feel stressed I take a minute and file my nails (when they aren't done of course) I don't think even my husband knows this!

Amen girlfriend, amen! :)
This box swap was so much fun. I love doing these and meeting new friends :)
I am totally signed up for the Mom's only box swap & you should sign up too! It says the deadline came and went but if you look it says they would wait for late momma's (such as myself hahaha) to sign up! So...do it! :)
Until next time friends,
XO Jessica

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Strong

The weekend of March 14th -15th Samantha and I lost our minds...LOL We packed up our kids (we each have two) and decided to do an overnight in Rochester.
We hit the road around 1030am after a quick coffee stop and headed straight for The Strong if your local you should absolutely check it out! We got there around lunch time and hit the ground running.
I had never been to The Strong on a Saturday and boy was the place hoppin' :)

Around 5pm we decided to head to the hotel :) We got a great room (Thanks Sharon!) at The Homewood Inn & Suites. The kids were SUPER excited for a sleep over! We got in our room and promptly got into our comfies & munched on some snacks while we waited for our pizza to be delivered! :)
After dinner there was lots of playing, giggles & snacking. Who knew that 4 kids could be so LOUD. I'm pretty sure everyone in the hotel knew where we were ;)

We actually all slept pretty good :) The next morning we lounged in our jammies for a bit then got ready to pack things up. We hit up the Cracker Barrel next door and had some breakfast before hitting the road.
All in all it was a great trip and something I would definitely do again! Thank you Samantha, Sophia & Norah for such a fun trip! :)
Until next time friends,
XO Jessica 

Friday, March 20, 2015

[Spring Cheer Exchange]

Ya'll I am a little late to the game on this one! I was supposed to post this yesterday but time got away from me, has that been happening to anyone else lately? I feel like my days are just mushing together! 

Today I am linking up with Rachel over at Floral and Fudge for a spring cheer excange?! Because who doesn't love HAPPY mail, esp when it comes snail mail in the form of spring treats?! I was SO excited when this box arrived! 

Amy sent the CUTEST box to me and Aidan couldn't help but agree ;) Guys, her blog is so stinkin' cute and I <3 her already haha Be sure to check it out! You won't regret it! 

Here's the goodies she put inside! 

Look at how fun that looks! Cheery for sure! 

Aidan loved the bright colors! 

My tea will just be better through a bright & cheery straw, lets be honest! 

OMG, this essie nail polish is a dream! I have to get my nails done this week. Lets just say this little gem will be along for the ride! 

And please, little candies I don't have to share?! :):) 

Can we talk for a second how I am in a house FULL of BOYS? I try to sneak in girly and bright things all the time. My kitchen thanks you Amy ;)

Thanks again Amy! You definitely brought some cheer to this girl! 

I'll be back tomorrow to talk about the fun weekend trip I did last weekend with our best friends! Be sure to stop back! 
Xo, Jessica 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

February photo dump

I didn't get around to posting much in February but I thought I would do a photo dump so I can remember what we were up to :)


Until next time friends,
Xo Jessica