Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: Momfessionals

Today I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for Show & Tell Tuesday :)

This weeks topic? Momfessionals. What is a Momfessional you ask? Confessions about things you have done during motherhood. 

Motherhood is HARD. Posts like these remind me that we are all in these trenches together. 

So let's get started shall we?


Sometimes I will tell my husband that I need to go to the store to pick up a few things which we really do need but I will spend an extra 20 mins or so just walking down aisles because I am alone and I can actually LOOK!

Checking my e-mail

Sometimes I will sit in the driveway after a particularly long day and check my email while letting the kids just watch a few minutes of paw patrol. They are quiet & contained. 

I weigh my options

If I need to run an errand I usually weight out a pro/con list in my head to see if its something I can avoid doing. Going somewhere alone with a 1.5 year old & 3.5 year old boys can be work ya'll!


I loathe bath time. It used to be easy when they just sat there & you could get in and out. Now its a big old mess. Water everywhere, fighting over bath toys because they both love baths so much that one has a stroke if they cant get in the tub when they hear it filling. I bathe my kids every other night unless they are sick, sweaty or a big mess. It started when D was diagnosed with eczema, it dries out his skin. I def wipe them down every night though :) 


Dominick has food allergies & he always wants to eat what your eating. Sometimes If I don't want to share I tell him it might have egg or peanut in it so he can't eat it. Terrible I know...but sometimes you just want a meal without toddlers fingers finding their way in!

Saying "I'm sorry"

Do ya'll ever have those days where you just have no patience. I feel like I have them way more than I care to admit. Every little thing will drive me crazy. By the end of the night when all my tactics for keeping my cool fail, the "mommy monster" as my dad calls it will come out. As soon as those sweet little's are in bed & settled and I have a moment to reflect on my day. Its that time when the mommy guilt kicks in HARD. I usually find myself crawling in bed next to D to apologize for loosing my patience and letting him know how much I love him. I might end up regretting that in the long run but I feel its important that my babies know no matter how frustrated I may get I always love them so much it hurts. 

So there ya have it! Whats your Momfessional?

Until next time friends, 
XO Jessica 

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  1. When things are going well in the car, sometimes you just gotta sit and soak it all in! I'm definitely guilty of the same! Found you through the link-up :)