Friday, May 15, 2015

A day in the life

Happy Friday Friends!! 

I LOVE day in the life posts, I have been meaning to do one for awhile now...we are in a very busy "season" in our lives and  I want to remember it! 

This is a LONG post so if you give up, I understand! :)

I wake up around 545 am and check the news to see the weather forecast before jumping in the shower...

After showering I munched on some strawberries & an english muffin with a cup of coffee while getting ready :)

I check the monitor while getting ready to see my youngest is still snoozing away :)

I make our bed EVERY morning when we get up, I feel like it makes the room look "put together" 

I make the boys breakfast/snacks/lunches for the day, my boys have food allergies so I send everything for the day with them. 

Quickly wipe down the counters & get my snacks together for the day :)

Wake up my sleeping beauty :)

Poor baby is getting over 5th's disease so his cheeks are still rosey :(

Get A dressed & ready for the day, surprisingly hes the easy one to get ready!

Make A's bed :) Yes, we know....he has a lot in his bed. I take most of it out once he falls asleep. Baby likes his friends in bed with him :)

Empty the dishwasher quick while convincing Dominick to get dressed...

Make D's bed super quick...

Daddy takes the boys to daycare most mornings, so I kiss my boys & off we go...

Its about 725 and Momma is on her way...

Arrive at work around 742 and start my day! With another cup of coffee of course ;)

Mid morning I take a quick 15 minute break & consult my planner to see whats going on today...

Not too much going on today...

Close to 2 I ordered lunch from Jimmy Johns, I had intended on grabbing a salad from downstairs but I was WAY TOO BUSY yesterday...

Turkey Tom, ya cant go wrong :)

Around 3 I had a meeting with my team leader...

A little after 4 I give my desk one quick look to make sure its picked up before heading off.

Momma is on her way to get the boys! :) 

Picked up my favorite little guys, don't worry we were parked! :)

A quick trip through costco with my 3 favorite guys! I love their 2 seater carts! 

We get home around 550 and the boys play while I put dinner together quick. Usually we eat together but we were supposed to do dinner with friends this night, we had to cancel because G has not been feeling well :(

We had salad & pizza on the grill, typically I cook dinner but like I said we cancelled plans last minute. 

A few selfies after dinner with my baby :)

He loves to cuddles & he LOVES blankets. 

a little after dinner playing :)

Bath time! :) 

The boys get to watch one episode of cartoons before bed, they chose Blaze on Nick Jr. 

After the boys are in bed, I clean :) I swept & mopped the kitchen. Cleaned the counters up from dinner & loaded the dishwasher. I dry dusted the house & picked up. Through out the day things find there way to normal drop off spots so I go through and put these things away! :)

A little essential oils running to hopefully help everyone feel better :) 

I fold & put away a couple loads of laundry :)

I sat down with my sweet hubby to watch the season finale of Grey's & The blacklist before heading to bed for the night around 10 pm :)

Its busy & most of the times hectic but that was a pretty normal night in the P house & I wouldn't have it any other way! :) 

Have a great weekend! 

Until next time friends,
XO Jessica 

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