Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's day: swap box edition

Holy Mylanta.
This post was set to post on this past Thursday but around Wednesday night this Momma took a turn for the worst!
Long story short & medicine later...I am on the mend :)
But today I am home with a little boy who now isn't feeling well...does it ever end?!
With that being said lets get to my OH SO LATE post, #mothersdayboxswap edition.
Once again Elizabeth over at Chasin Mason hosted a box swap. I had so much fun doing the #boymom box swap I knew I had to sign up again!
Ironically I got the SAME momma I had just exchanged with previously. I was so excited. I felt I got to "know her" from the last exchange so shopping for her was fun!
You can hop on over to The Mama Bomb and check out her fun box! :)
My box came from the lovely Sarah at Foxy's Domestic Side. Did I mention she has food allergies? When I found out she was going to be the one gifting me I had to check out her blog. She has the cutest kiddos and suffers from allergies including food allergies. Beingg a mommy to little boys with food allergies I found Sarah's posts very resourceful and I am positive I will re-read them in the future.
Without further is what I got! :)

This little note made me tear up, when doing the box exchange we had to describe our "perfect mothers day" I told Sarah that mine would be waking up in the beach house we rented in Long Island and doing updated family pictures on the ocean with the morning sun.
This was a heavenly smelling "ocean breeze" candle currently lit in my kitchen :)
Some purple Essie nail polish and is currently on my fingers :)
And lastly she included some side walk chalk as this was on my Spring Bucket list for activities to do with the boys!
This exchange was so fun and it was nice to "meet" more new mommy bloggers :)
Until Next time friends,
XO Jessica

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