Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Super Hero Party!

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Before I get into today's post I just wanted to take a moment and say a prayer for all that lost someone in the senseless act that occurred in Orlando on Sunday morning. I cannot imagine the amount of hatred that goes into such a despicable act.  This was such a reminder to me as a mom the type of young men I hope to raise. To teach them LOVE, tolerance, passion, compassion and to always turn to God in hard times. Put our pain and burdens on him, he can handle it. #orlandostrong

On Saturday we took the boys to a Super Hero Party! They got to dress up like super heros, play games, do a craft, meet Captain America, win prizes & have snacks! :) 

It was so CUTE and geared towards boys 5 & under so everything was age appropriate! We had such a good time!

If you friends with my on Facebook you probably already saw these :) 

XO, Jessica 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Friends Visit!

My best friend is currently in the Sunshine state with her husband & their two little girls! Hi Samantha! :) They didn't bring their 4month old because it just didn't make sense for this trip! SOOO we got some one on one time last night with Baby Louie!! <3

Dominick is such a little lover & he LOVES babies! 
Aidan, doesn't care either way! 

Aunt Sam, we will take Baby Louie again any time!! 

XO, Jessica 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday- What's in your bag?

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Today I am linking up with Andrea over at momfessionals for show & tell ;) Today's topic was whats in your bag.

This one made me laugh, I knew their would be kids stuff in my bag...because well such is life with kids :) My bag almost always is a catch all. I am constantly emptying it out. Today did not disappoint! 

In this picture we have my wallet, the little owl zip up holds Dominick's epi-pens #allergymom, a leap pad, the connection card from church sunday, sunglasses, a book, little figurines Aidan had in church, lipstick, chapstick, lip gloss, keys, apple juice, candy from a parade Saturday, WOW wipes...

The bag on the left is the winner that held all these goodies LOL and I cant forget the lego packets. Dominick always takes them with him to look at in the car..

Cant forget pens & hand sanitizer from a workers compensation training I attended...

Its CRAZY how much my bag accumulates! 

So show me, whats in your bag?

Until next time friends, 
XO Jessica