Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunday on a Monday

Happy Monday Friends, today is our Sunday which is similarly representative to what we did yesterday on the real Sunday...nothing.
My kiddos still aren't feeling well. I had already had today off so its all working out I guess. I would rather be doing something FUN with my little's but getting them better is priority numero UNO right now.
Friday night was pretty typical at the P house, daddy had the fish dinner for his fire department and I was home with the boys.
We did however come home to a little ice damage.
This picture is Super hard to see because I took it through the screen LOL
That would be our fenced in back yard, I was so afraid with that section of fence SO LOW our doggies would escape. G fixed that for me yesterday though :) He's the best.

We planned on getting rid of this side porch anyways, Mommas got big remodel plans! haha but mother nature thought she would help G get a head start!

So I did what anyone would do, I made organic whole wheat homemade mac & cheese with bread crumb topping. #priorities
Saturday was a pretty normal day, we had a low key morning & then my favorite 3 year old and I ran errands while daddy stayed home with baby A while he napped.

Seriously could he be any cuter?!
Little man was pretty bummed that we weren't the only ones who had the idea to go to the carwash on Saturday, place was HOPPIN' but I guess that was bound to happen when it was 30 & sunny in NY. We have had enough winter ya'll!
We ran a few more errands and then headed home. Dominick & Daddy had plans for Monster Jam that night, because what 3 year old does not like Monster trucks?! (Thanks again Billy Bob!)
Right before the big boys left for their fun night...Aidan threw up EVERYWHERE. I got him cleaned up and into fresh jammies and before I knew it...he was asleep on the couch :(

I didn't get any pictures of Monster Jam because the camera on G's phone has been having issues and he wouldn't humor me and take my digital camera. Ugh!
Sunday Morning was much of the same. Aidan was still not feeling it and Dominick was starting to slow down a bit. Daddy made an 8am run to Target for the essentials & a quick stop for breakfast pizza, he's the best ;)

The rest of Sunday was spent much like this. I'm hoping the peanuts are on the mend and no one else catches this bug..We already had it once this winter.
So today, I have the heat up a few degrees, SEVERAL windows are cracked and the air purifier is running. I topped all that off with lots of Lysol wipin' and the diffuser full of essential oils. Momma isn't playing anymore! :)

Tomorrow I'll be back with a February photo dump, because I didn't post much but took a lot of pictures!
Until next time friends,
XO Jessica 

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