Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dominick says...

Hi Friends! Its been awhile, I know!
I saw this questionnaire thing going around Facebook that parents were asking their children a series of unprompted questions and I thought it would be great to see what Dominick had to say!
Let's get stared :) Keeping in mind he is 3.5years old...
1. what is something mommy always tells you? "clean up or get dressed maybe"
2. what makes mommy happy? "listening makes mommy happy"
3. what makes mommy sad? "when we don't listen"
haha I am noticing a trend here ;)
4. how does mommy make you laugh? "when someone tickles me"
5. what as mommy like as a kid? "Um, her was like Dominick"
6. How old is mommy? "her little"
7. How tall is mommy? "big"
8. what's mommy's favorite thing to do? "watch her show"
9. what does mommy do when your not around? "misses Dominick"
10. what is your mommy not good at? "not good at listening- it doesn't make us happy when you no listen"
11. what is your mommy good at? "you good at taking us outside"
12. what does mommy do for work? "working"
13. what is mommy's favorite food? "salad"
14. what makes you proud of mommy? "when somebody listens"
15. if your mom was a character on tv, who would she be? "ryder from paw patrol"
16. what do you and mommy do for fun together? "play puzzles"
17. how are you & mommy the same? "I said Dominick & mommy are the same"
18. how are you and mommy different? "we wear new shirts"
19. how do you know your mommy loves you? "she gives kissin"
20. what does your daddy like about your mommy? "when you eat salad"
21. where is mommy's favorite place to go? "see monster trucks"
22. how old was mommy when you were born? "a baby"
There you have it, straight from the mouth of my babe <3
Until next time friends,
XO Jessica  

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