Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rainy Monday

Yesterday I had a bonus day off with my babies. Daddy was gone so it was just me and my little's in the morning. We were up pretty early (6am) but Aidan slept the whole night without climbing out of his bed and walking around :)
We got cleaned up & ready for the day and then we were off to pick up Aunt Shannon to spend the day with us :)
We headed to one of the smaller mall's in our area, they have a little indoor "tree house" for the kids to run some energy out. Perfect for a rainy day! We went at the suggestion of one of our friends (thanks Jill!) and the boys LOVED it!

After our morning of play we headed to grab some lunch and then it was home for naps :) Aidan napped awesome in his big boy bed and Dominick had some quiet time with his leap pad.
After nap we went to the library, I was a little iffy on this one as I had never taken my boys and they are NOT quiet. But they had so much fun! They have a children's area downstairs and they have a little computer for playing, a train table, some stuffed animals, little felt houses and LOTS of kids books :) It really was such a child friendly space and the boys loved it! Not to mention its 2 seconds from our house :)
After we got our rentals from the library we stopped and grab some treats for afternoon snack :)

All in all it was a great day- despite the rain! I LOVE spending time with my boys. They are in such a CHALLANGING stage of life but such a FUN one too! They are learning & growing in front of our eyes and I feel so blessed to be their mommy!
Tonight its supposed to rain AGAIN so we will be having a picnic in the living room & watching the movie we picked up from the library. Dominick seemed pretty excited about it so I hope they enjoy it!
Totally random but my mom sent me two pictures of me when I was little and I can't believe how much Aidan looks like me. More so in person but definitely can see it in the eyes in these pictures! :)

Until Next time friends!
XO, Jessica


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