Thursday, July 2, 2015

My babies

Dominick- meaning: son of God. You my little peanut have really grown in the last almost 4 years! You amaze me with your quick wit & memory of EVERYTHING! Your very affectionate & love to make people smile. You also like to push the limits & test boundaries, just like your daddy! Sigh. I love the relationship we have & hope that it continues on for years and years to come. I love you sweet boy! 

Aidan- meaning "little fire" that my dear boy is a perfect description for you! You are a mix of sassy & sweet. YOU Think your brother hung the moon & try to do everything just like him. You keep us laughing and surprise us everyday! I see you being the class clown! You are my little miracle baby & I'm forever thankful for that! I love you toots! 

Dominick & Aidan, you truely make me feel like the luckiest mommy alive to call you both mine! We are in a crazy season of life right now but I'm so honored to watch you grow & learn! I love you to the moon & back, forever and ever! Xoxo

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