Sunday, November 30, 2014

[[ Dear Dominick ]]

Dear Dominick,
I cannot even begin to wrap my head around the fact that you are a big THREE year old now. Time is flying and I wish I could slow it right down. I thought that the transformation from ONE to TWO was big but TWO to THREE was more than I expected.
You had had to do a lot of growing in the last year. It was your first real year as a big brother to Aidan. You've had to learn nice touches, sharing, quite voice, rest time & so much more. Of course you would have learned these lessons anyway but we go to practice these lessons with a little brother.
You are becoming so independent! You've recently become potty trained, you feed yourself, you dress yourself & you even help mommy change laundry. You like to do things on your own and it amazes me everyday how much you really have learned from watching.
You are so very smart, you made mommy cry at the dinner table one night as you counted to 10 all by yourself completely unprompted. If only you would practice your alphabets ;) I love our conversations, especially in the car when your telling me about your day or why the sky is blue. The world through your eyes is truly a wonderful place.
You started hockey this year, daddy & I thought you needed a winter activity for all your energy and we made the right decision :) at first you were a little hesitant and only wanted to sit on the ice or be out there for 15 of the 55 minute practice. Recently you have started skating all by yourself which I find so impressive every time you do.  You really do enjoy it and ask me everyday if we are going to hockey.
You are a great big brother and are very in tune to what Aidan is feeling. I melt into a puddle when Aidan cries and you run right over to him and give him a big hug and tell him "your okay hunny" But that's not to say you aren't mean to him sometimes when you think no one is looking. Not to worry though, Aidan is a big boy & stands his own very well.
You are caring, kind, compassionate, adventurous & all boy. You test limits I didn't know I had and constantly have me at a loss. We are learning together sweet boy & I think we are doing okay! You make me so happy & I am so proud of you everyday. I couldn't be more blessed that God picked me to be your mommy. You made me a momma sweet boy & I will forever be thankful for you <3
Here's to another year of growing & learning!
I love you forever & ever!
xoxo Mommy


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