Wednesday, November 19, 2014

*Life lately...

Has been so busy! I feel like we are in an eternal "go, go, go" mode. If I'm being honest I am more tired now than I think I have ever been in my entire life!
Giovanni has been so busy with work (which is such a great thing) & his fire house responsibilities that a lot of things fall on me. Which is totally fine, I LOVE taking care of everyone. And quite frankly if he wasn't this busy I would be doing it anyways because that's what I like :)
I like to cook, I like to clean & I LOVE being his wife and their momma.
Right now our boys are in such needy points in their lives.
Dominick is testing his boundaries in every way, shape & form. He is in a "no momma I do it stage" and is ready to go to school. We are registering him for nursery school in January and as ready as he is...I am far from it. He is so smart & witty, I love having conversations with him and hearing his thoughts on the world. Its amazing the way the world looks through his eyes. Its such a safe & innocent place, oh how I wish it was true! I try to make time for him & I one on one each week. I really enjoy the time we have together just us & I know its important for him too.
Aidan has begun to walk, he is repeating everything already and has such a bigger vocabulary at this age than Dominick did. He's very stubborn and knows exactly what he wants and what he doesn't. He makes every need known, he refuses to be out "yelled" by his brother and has quite the little temper. He's such a cuddle bug lately & I am taking full advantage of it. I know its the one year molars he has poking in & the ear infection he's getting over that's causing his strong need for his momma but I am loving it. He's recently started yelling "momma" and crying when he's upset about something. He loves to be where I am and my arms are his favorite place.
November is a busy month in the Primerano house. Aidan turned ONE on November 5th, My first hero and one of my best friends celebrates his birthday on daddy. The best birthday present ever blows our her candles on obviously ;) and the little spitfire who made me a momma turns THREE on the 29th! Seriously where is the time going?!
For some reason my babies turning ONE & THREE have been really difficult for me. I find myself very emotional about it. Right now we are up in the air about having another baby. I think the idea that these may be the last baby milestones we go through is taking a toll on my heart strings.
As busy, hectic, overwhelming & down right frustrating as this time in our lives can be some days, I know I will look back on these days with fond memories & a happy heart. These truly are the best days of my life.
Stay tuned, I plan to post "A day in the life" post here soon. I love reading them in other blogs and want to document the crazy so I have it to look back on some day.
Happy Wednesday friends! xo

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