Friday, August 14, 2015

5 on Friday - fallelujah edition! :)

Happy Friday Friends!

TGIF, what a LONG short week! I am so relieved that its the weekend! 

We have an exciting weekend on the books. A wedding on Saturday & spending time with our favorite friends on Sunday! :)

1. Girl time! :) 

Tonight I am getting together with my BFF Samantha for dinner & some shopping. 
Samantha has two little girls & a baby on the way, we have two little boys and we both have husbands with VERY busy schedules. Getting together kid free can be a challenge but we make every effort for it to work out! :)

2. Cooler weather!

Its been getting cooler at night and not as hot during the day! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall, its my favorite time of the year! i love jeans, sweatshirts & comfy boots. 

3. Pumpkin Spice candles

I saw them out at Target yesterday, I didn't grab one but I sure will be soon! I love fall smells! :) 

4. Pumpkin spice coffee 

Dunkin' should be putting out pumpkin coffee soon & I for one cannot wait! Its officially fall when pumpkin coffee is available! BRING IT ON! :) 

5. Fall Bucket List

Now that the boys are getting older our fall bucket list will be full of even MORE fun this year & I cannot wait! 

Have a GREAT weekend friends!
XO Jessica 

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  1. I concur with all your favorites! I can't wait for fall and pumpkin everything! Hope you had a great night with your BFF!