Monday, August 10, 2015

[[Menu Planning Monday]]

Happy Monday Friends! :)
We just got home from a 5 day weekend of camping & watching races with our family! The boys had SUCH a great time & were both so well behaved! I was so impressed with them! To say we are all exhausted is an under statement!
I started menu planning back when I had Dominick. It was such an easy way for me to stay on budget and keep us from the daily eating out for dinner that we did pre-children. Now, we go out maybe once or twice a month for dinner, the rest of the days I cook.
Keeping a meal plan for the week helps in the grocery store too so I am not walking around aimlessly buying whatever. After a long day at work it takes the guessing out of "what's for dinner"
Here is what's on our menu this week!
Monday - Spaghetti w/turkey meatballs, sauce & garlic bread
(Dominick requested this and I was happy to oblige!)
Tuesday- Homemade mac & cheese with salad
Wednesday- chicken tacos & rice (my kids will have cheese quesadillas & rice)
Thursday- (we usually do dinner with friends this night, we rotate weeks but I always plan a back-up meal incase schedules change) Grilled chicken salads
Friday- left overs* (I have plans to have dinner with my best friend this night)
Saturday- we wont be home for dinner this night, we will be at a wedding! :)
Sunday- pork tenderloin on the grill with mashed potatoes & corn (we sometimes got out to my father-in law's camp this day but I always menu plan for it incase we are home)
So there you have it! what's on your menu this week? I am ALWAYS on the hunt for new meal ideas for my family! :)
Until next time friends,
XO Jessica

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  1. Hope you are finding some energy after this weekend of camping!
    I need to get better at meal planning before the day of. Your homemade mac and cheese sounds yummy for tonight!