Saturday, November 28, 2015

Happy birthday Aidan!

I have been meaning to put "pen to paper"  on this one for awhile but life happened. Things have been busy and when that that happens... sadly the blog takes a back seat. But once again I plan to get back on the wagon and documenting our life <3
So lets get to it...
My sweet baby Aidan-
I cannot believe you are TWO. I feel like it was just yesterday after a few months of sadness I found out we were pregnant with you! You have been so different from your brother from the very beginning. We call you our sour patch kid :) Watching your personality bloom is one of my favorite things. You are my little sidekick and I love it. You still rock a pouty lip & your "cheese" face is bound to make anyone laugh.
You think your brother hung the moon. Watching the love you have for him makes my momma heart explode. You try to be just like him. You go out of your way to make Dominick laugh. You really like to make people happy. Your sassy, sweet and fierce. You hold your own and don't take no for an answer. You like to sing the ABC's and twinkle twinkle little star. I can soothe you with the words to "you are my sunshine" in seconds. I can always count on you for a good cuddle, your my little snuggle bug.
You like to sleep, you let us know when your ready for bed and sometimes even put yourself down for a nap :) your naps are solid and you like about 2 hours. If your not ready to get up we say you have "after nap" you must be left alone for about 20 minutes until you have the chance to snap out of your foul mood and not give us the evil eye- you get it from your momma ;)
Your so very smart, you like to count and you like to tell us your colors. Your all about cars, trains & goofy lately. Dance parties in the back seat of my car are your favorite and you insist everyone in the car dances too :) You were such a great boy when we took you & your brother to Disney! You did so good on the plane rides and you loved to go on rides at the park. I was a little nervous how you would do but you quickly put my mind to rest when we got there :) You make us so proud everyday!
Our lives are forever better just having you in them sweet boy! I cannot wait to see what life has in store for you and my heart says every year with you will continue to be better than the last. You are loved more than you will ever understand. Thank you for giving me the absolute honor of being your mommy.
I love you baby!
XO Mommy

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