Friday, November 13, 2015

Life lately!

Real life took over & blogging took a backseat! #suchislife

We had a fantastic trip to Disney world (I'll dedicate a post to that soon) and jumped right back into the real world! A few days after we got home Dominick came down with the tummy bug & then a few days later his little brother Aidan followed suit 😐

We have so much fun going on this weekend! Saturday I have a baby shower & then Sunday we are doing a joint birthday party for the boys! Cannot believe my babies are 2&4! 😩 #babiesdontkeep 

Poor Baby was not feeling well! 

My TWO year old goof ball with his birthday cake balls! 

This silly boy wanted his picture with his mater! 

We LOVE Christmas in the P house :) 

Lunch date with my oldest baby! <3

Until next time friends,
XO Jessica 

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