Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Today I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals to "put down on paper" my goals and resolutions for our family in the coming year.
I am not going to do resolutions exactly but I have chosen 4 areas in my everyday life that I would like to "improve" on in the coming year.
Those 4 categories are: personal, spiritual, relationships & financial.
1. Personal - In the coming year I would like to commit to waking up 30 minutes before the rest of my house (with the exception of when the boys wake us up on the weekend, unless we have somewhere to be early, the weekends are NO ALARM in our house). Committing to waking up before the house gives me a little "me" time. A few minutes to quietly enjoy a cup of coffee, maybe read a little or catch the news. Next, I would like to find a hobby, something that's just for me that I really enjoy. And last but not least, commit to spending less time on Social media, more time focused on what's right in front of my face or a good book.  
2. Spiritual- In the coming year I would like to commit to reading a devotional daily. I ordered "Jesus is calling" off amazon the other day, its due to arrive tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it! I would like to get into the habit of regularly attending mass on Sunday as a family. I am not proud to admit that I find myself lacking patience some days with my kids. After a long day I am sometimes impatient with the ones who deserve my patience most, this year I am going to reach out to God and hope that he can help me cool down and find ways to work through my frustrations that wont lead me to feel guilty after.
3. Relationships - In the coming year I would like to go on a once a month date night with my one and only :) I love dating my husband and I love getting out to spend some one on one time alone with him. Conversation and a kid -free meal goes a long way! I would also like to go one once a month "date" with each of my boys. Whether its to the park or running an errand. Having that alone time with them is important too! And lastly, I would like to go on a once a month "girls night" with my closest ladies. They are my support system and my cheerleaders. I want to keep my relationships with them strong!
4. Financial- In the coming year I would like to continue saving weekly for our forever home. When Gio & I bought this house in 2009 we had a 5 year plan, we would move before having kids. I'm sure God laughed at that plan as here we are 6 years and TWO kids later. We are fine where we are but this is not where we want to be forever. We have goals & a dream and I cannot wait for the day we are able to achieve them :) I would like to do better at our grocery budget, this is the one area I seem to blow every month :/ and lastly I would like to stick to the 24hr rule. I tend to impulse buy and not like the purchase after I get home. SO this year I am going to give myself 24hrs to sleep on it. If I still want it after 24hrs and its in the budget, ill get it :)
I am so excited for what 2015 has in store for us! I am ready for spring to come so I can get to spring cleaning & declutter. But in the mean time I am soaking up all the cuddles & movies while its too cold to play outside.
Until next time friends,
XO Jessica

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