Monday, January 5, 2015

Disney On Ice!

First off, Happy New Year!
I am so excited for a new year & a fresh start. There's just something about a new year that screams blank slate to me & I just love it.
I am so excited to see what 2015 brings my cute little family, we are growing and learning everyday! (no not growing by members, that's not a hint)
I have to forewarn ya'll that this post is going to be picture HEAVY.
We took Dominick to his first Disney on Ice experience yesterday!! It was so much fun and nice to get to spend the time just focusing on him, something his Daddy & I haven't had the opportunity to do in awhile. Thanks again Mom for watching Aidan, he LOVED his one on one time with you, he said "Grandma" A LOT after you left <3
We had great seats and an even better time!
Parenthood has made me so sappy. The look of pure joy on my child's face puts me into tears. There is nothing that makes me mushy mess faster than when Dominick see's mickey in person. I CANNOT wait to plan our Disney trip. I'm bound to be a wreck the whole time ;)
So without further a due, here are some pictures of the show!

We already cannot wait until next years show so we can bring Aidan along :)
Until next time friends,
Xo Jessica 

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