Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Phew- TGIF! I don't know what it was but this week sure felt like a long one. I think it was everyone getting over being sick and getting back to "normal".
Next week we will be getting back to normal a little bit more! Dominick should FINALLY be returning to hockey on Monday!! Poor little man has asthma and his cough was rough last week, in an effort to not wipe him out COMPLETELY his daddy & I made an executive decision to let him rest.
Today, I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals (one of my favorite blogs ever) for Friday Favorites! :)
1. My sweet boys (obviously)
We are currently working on sharing, Dominick is not into having to share anything, especially with his brother! Tips are always welcome ;) 
2. This Jimmy Fallon Clip!

If you were a Saved By the Bell fan  (which you all should be) you need to watch this clip! It was amazing. Head on over to Youtube and check it out! You can thank me later :)
3. Smoked sausage penne
Andrea posted this recipe awhile back and we tried it. OH MY GOSH. Amazing, we subbed out cream of chicken for the cream of mushroom and LOVE it. I've made it twice now!
4. Shakeology

Momma's trying to get healthy! Hoping these shakes for breakfast will give me the kick start I am looking for! :)
So tell me, whats on your favorite list this week??
I'll be back Monday with a weekend recap!
Until next time friends
Xo Jessica

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