Monday, February 9, 2015

[[ Our weekend in review ]]

Happy Monday Friends!
Hope everyone had a good weekend! We spent most of last weekend sick on the couch so this weekend was a nice of change of pace! We were all healthy :):)
On Saturday Morning plans had changed a little so this Momma got to make a SOLO trip to Wegmans around 830am and it was blissful! I got groceries and was out in about 30 minutes!
Saturday afternoon we had family "nap time" this is usually when Aidan naps, Dominick has quiet time in our bed and Mommy & Daddy sneak in a nap or catch up on some DVR.

After nap we discovered Aidan who just turned 15 months on Thursday can climb up onto Dominick's twin bed all by himself?!
Saturday night we headed over to have dinner at my sweet hubby's fire house, they were doing a test run for Lent fish dinners that will be starting on Ash Wednesday. It was delicious! :) If your local, I recommend it! There's some awesome new dishes this year including shrimp scampi! :)

Sunday Morning Gio stayed with the little's and I ran to pick up donuts and head to the hockey rink for snack shack duty. Our hockey rink snack shack is run by the parents association so every season each family has to sign up for two shifts. Sunday morning was our turn :)
After snack shack duty got over I ran to pick up some breakfast for us from DD, I cant resist a good iced coffee!
Sunday was essentially a lazy day at home in PJS and it was wonderful ;) we had lots of snow heading our way, so home safe & sound was where we wanted to be!

We ended our Sunday with Andrea's  baked potato soup, lots of cuddles and some Orange is the New Black when the little's went to bed. I am on episode 5 and am still not sure what I think of that show yet.

We are gearing up for another busy week! Hockey, making valentines, the movies, Lowes learn to grow & a valentines date is all on the agenda for this week!
Until next time friends,
XO Jessica

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