Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas #1
Every year on Christmas Eve we go to Gio's moms house to do dinner & presents with his mom, sister, grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin. We don't see them all together often, but its nice when we do! :)
I didn't remember to take many pictures at Nonni's house (gio's mom) but I did snap a few..

The boys were EXHAUSTED when we were getting ready to leave, I knew that a Christmas movie before bed just wasn't in the cards for when we got home. This is what we found in the back seat when we pulled in the drive way, it has to be one of my favorite pictures. My boys are brothers FOR SURE!
Santa's evlves slacked & decided wrapping the night before Christmas as per usual would be the way to go, not sure why we do this every year, maybe we work well under pressure ;) But almost 5 hours later the wrapping was done, the train table was assembled, the wine was gone & we had watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. A pretty successful wrapping party if you ask me! :)

We climbed into bed around 1:30 am looking forward to a little shut eye before the boys woke. Around 2:30am Aidan woke up and no matter what I did he would not go back to sleep for more than 5 minutes at a time. Little did I know that the stomach bug was on the horizon. Aidan FINALLY fell asleep in our bed around 6am and the alarm went off to start our day around 7am. We had to wake Dominick up, this boy LOVES to sleep lately and usually snoozes 8pm-8am :)
Christmas #2 - OUR HOUSE

We had two pretty excited little boys on our hands! Dominick was so excited about this train table that he didn't even try to open the rest of his gifts until we got home from my parents around 2pm!
I forgot to snap any more pictures of the boys opening gifts at our house later in the afternoon, both boys had runny noses and were very cranky the rest of the day.
Christmas #3 - My parents
Every year on Christmas morning we go to my family's house for breakfast with my grandparents, parents, sisters & my sisters boyfriend. This year was no exception. In my true fashion lately I forgot to snap many pictures here but I did catch one of Aidan & Dominick opening presents. We had a delicious breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs benedict, Belgian waffles and cheesy potatoes.
Here's the ONE picture I snapped of the boys tearing into gifts from my parents. Thanks again Mom & Dad for that OBNIOXOUS Billy beats block set. I just love it.
After opening gifts from my parents & grandparents, my boys are BEYOND spoiled by the way ;) we headed home for family nap time. Aidan snoozed away in his crib, daddy on the couch and mommy & Dominick watched frozen in bed. After nap time we opened the gifts Santa had brought us and then headed back to have dinner with my family.

They made an amazing prime rib dinner with all the fixings! After dinner we said our goodbyes and headed home to get two cranky kids in bed.
Christmas #4 - Nono's house (Gio's dad)
The day after Christmas we all head over to Gio's dads house for Christmas with his dads side of the family. Usually Gio's brother & sister come home for the holidays and this year was no exception. Its always nice when Gio's family comes into town, the boys are the youngest cousins but its always nice for them to visit with their cousins.

My brother in law got this great shot of my father in law's house, he really does go all out for Christmas and Dominick just LOVED the lights this year!
Nono wanted to get a picture of him with all 6 grandkids since everyone was home this Christmas, I was a little weary on this one as my two boys were on the verge of meltdowns as it was BED TIME. And of course meltdowns ensued with them. I snapped a couple pictures of the group but don't want to put the picture of the other kiddos on here with out their parents permission :)
I did however snap a picture of Dominick post meltdown eating a banana with Nono :)
All in all it was a good Christmas, a few meltdowns here & there but a good couple days spend with family :)
Next year I will remember to snap some more pictures! And HOPEFULLY we wont spend the days following all in bed with the STOMACH FLU :(
Check back tomorrow for details on our NYC trip, it was a blast!
Until next time friends,
Xo Jessica




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