Monday, December 8, 2014

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Merry Monday Friends!
I cannot BELIEVE that its December 8th already! Time is flying and there is still so much left to do before the month is over!
Let's get to it shall we...

Elf on the shelf is alive & well in our house! Watching Dominick find "Buddy" every morning and wanting to know what the note he left reads is pretty fun! Three year olds are tough work & listening is not something Dominick is great at...This Elf seems to be helping with that! I'll mark that as a win in my book!

Sunday morning was chaotic but we made it to breakfast with Mickey & Minney at 830am. It was one of the best things we have done with Dominick to date. I may have cried when Dominick saw Mickey. I cant even explain how truly happy he was. He hugged Mickey right away and talked to him which is HUGE in Dominick's world, he's pretty shy. Aidan wasn't so sure about him but did pretty good! We are planning a Disney trip so any tips you have I would LOVE to hear!

We took the boys to the mall Sunday afternoon to see Santa, Dominick has been wanting to tell him what's on his list. He also did pretty good here, walked right up to Santa and talked to him. He told him that he would like some Thomas stuff & monster trucks. He even included his brother! He told Santa Aidan wants an Elmo. Of course none of that is what Santa's already gotten so I am on the hunt! AIDAN WAS NOT IMPRESSED WITH SANTA IN THE LEAST BIT. Not to mention he is a RIP OFF as they would not let me take my own pictures! $25 later this what we got. But I took it because this is real life right now and this is how they felt!
Next year, I think we will do a photo session with Santa vs the mall Santa and hope for better luck!
Sunday night ended with a family Christmas movie and bedtime early for everyone!
Now that everyone is receiving their Christmas cards I can finally share them!!
I am so in love with these! I ordered them from Andrea over at Slightly Askew and she was absolutely wonderful to work with. I am absolutely planning on having her do our cards going forward!
Until next time friends!
Xo Jessica

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