Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Recap- Easter edition!

Happy Monday Friends!
Today is a bonus Sunday for me, I am off from work with my little's today! :) They are enjoying their new treats from Easter and I am getting everything cleaned up & geared up for the week!
Friday was the last Fish Fry of lent at my sweet hubby's fire department so the little's and I had a mellow night at home.
We came home to some Happy Mail! Some paper work for our upcoming DISNEY trip came along with a few Easter items from Target! :)

Baby A thought he liked his dinner on the floor better than actually eating it! This was the face I got when I asked him what happened to all his food...

After dinner the boys got into their comfies and settled in with some fuzzy blankets for a little Planes: Fire & Rescue before bed.

I took this picture to send to Samantha, while Dominick may look just like his Daddy he definitely has some of my quirks. Those that know me well know that I would live life in comfy pants & slippers if it was appropriate! Dominick clearly feels the same way ;)
Saturday I had a MUCH needed girls day with my bestie! Samantha and I got our nails done, lots of shopping and I got a haircut! It was almost 7 inches off but it was SO NEEDED. I didn't take many pictures as I was just enjoying being in the moment and having a couple hours "off" :)
After the boys got settled into bed the Easter bunny got to work on some treats for the them to wake up too :)
Sunday was EASTER of course :)
"He is Risen" - because its IMPORTANT to remember the reason for the season! <3
Gio and I launched out of bed when Dominick got up so I could quickly capture their faces after seeing their treats & it was SO worth it!

We spent lots of time just enjoying each others company & having a mellow family day. It was dreary outside and pretty chilly for April 5th!
Later on in the day we got cleaned up & headed out to have Easter dinner with my family. It was the first time we have gone out to eat on Easter but it was so nice to have someone else do the cooking and cleaning up ;)
Heading to dinner with my people :)

my sweet husband <3

A was soaking up the attention ;)

A put on his big brother's glasses when he wasn't looking and we all got a good laugh :)

My mom took this picture of my younger sisters & I and I just love it. The older we get the closer we grow and I really love having two sisters I can consider my best friends! I love you Stephanie & Shannon! :)
I hope you all had a very happy Easter blessed with time spent with those you love like we did!
Until next time friends,
XO Jessica

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  1. Awww, cute pics of Easter Jess! And that's so funny you call your 2 the Littles.. that's what Case and I call F and K, since with the 4 kids, if we just said "the kids" it could mean any combo! The Littles have always meant F and K.. of course now they are no longer the littlest with Baby D here :)